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PINKLADY Fragrance Mist Set

PINKLADY Fragrance Mist Set

Your new favorite accessory: PL Fragrance Mist. Refreshing and cool, they’re the perfect way to add a pop of fashion to your fragrance wardrobe. In shelfie-ready bottles and totally irresistible scents—you’ll never stop at one.

Comes with 6 scents variety

 FOXY - Sexy and glamorous, it’s the scent of night-blooming flowers and the energy of a city that never sleeps

 BONNY - Sweet violet bloom with a fresh-picked, floral twist that’s feminine and bright. 

 CLASSY - Island coconut. Warm sands. Beach days forever.

RANDY - Hot and hazy in the Hollywood Hills. Ocean Salt and beach flowers in the air. Aprés-skate in rock tees and vintage denim. Beachy and fresh, it’s a California dream. 

 SLINKY - Confident & glamorous, attitude in a bottle. Sparkling and fresh.

GLITZY - A kiss of shiny-sweet lip gloss and an overload of soft Peonies, GLITZY is an icy-fresh kind of floral imperfection. Mist on, and go.
PINKLADY Fragrance Mist Set PINKLADY Fragrance Mist Set Reviewed by Zaza PRIME on July 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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